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Seeking therapy, the how, who, where, and why?

So why should you find a therapist?

Seeking mental health services comes to many during periods of extreme struggle or emotional pain, the reaching out for help should be the why someone looks for a therapist. Despite other people's opinions or even stigma, against addressing mental health problems.

There is so many opinions around mental health in general going around in out society today, that stops consumers of mental health services from even making the leap. But others opinions should be where it ends when making a decision, "others" don't know the internal struggle you are going through. And should be left at opinion, not a decision for yourself.

Next comes The Who?

Who should you go with? male therapist? Or a female therapist? A therapist experienced in what? This is essential in finding the right fit therapist for you, a therapist you choose, should meet certain criteria in order to help you navigate through mental health issues or relationship struggles.

Take a piece of paper, and write down what exactly you need help with, then take a moment and close your eyes, who would you best feel comfortable with? Talking to a male, or female? For some women with a history of sexual abuse, a male therapist will not sit well. Next research therapist near you who have worked with someone with your unique problem.

Which brings up the next questions, how?

Google is the easiest to research therapist near you. Other places to find a therapist is Psychology Today,, and even

Now where should you see a therapist?

Some might feel more conformable seeing a therapist in person, which means traveling to their office. This office should feel comfortable for you, and be somewhere you do not mind spending time in during either, the wait to get called back into the office, or in the actual office itself. Maybe remote sessions are more comfortable for you? These sessions are done from the comfort of the mental health consumers home or vehicle or office. The therapist providing the service will also be in a remote confidential office or space.

Whichever therapist you go too will be your decision, and if you end up not feeling comfortable, you can always start the processor over to find the right fit. And always communicate with your therapist what is working or what is not working, these things can be communicated with a trusted, compassionate therapist.

Best of luck in your research! And never let someone else's opinions turn you away from seeking help!

If you would like to see if I am the right therapist for you, contact me today (702)428-8258. Or click the Book button to schedule a 15 min phone call to discuss further.

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