We treat:



Feeling of constant worry around somethings, making you feel uneasy. Inability to sleep due to this worry, Experiencing of physiological reactions comes with this such as rapid heart beat, rapid breathing, excessive sweating, and or feeling tired. If this sounds like you contact me to set up a session or consult.

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Couple's Issues

As a long term couple, or with new relationships being in a romantic relaitonship is very hard to cope with, if you find yourself with any of the following reach out out to me to discuss how I can help in your relationship today: Infidelity. Loss of intimacy, physical or sexual. Lack of communication. Constant arguing.

Family Issues

Family is the ones we love the most, but sometimes they are the hardest to get along with. Weather it be managing your relationship with parents, or parental skills with your own children. I am here to help, reach out to me today for  a free consult or to schedule a session

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Depressive symptoms can be crippling, if the following sounds like you, contact me asap to schedule an appointment. Constant feeling of sadness or helplessness, loss of interest in things, excessive or decreased sleep, excessive or decrease of eating.

*If thoughts of suicide are associated with depression, please do not wait. Call 911, head to your nearest Emergency room or call the National Suicide hotline at (800)273-8255.


Women's Issues

Women's issues can include any of the following: depression, anxiety, recent diagnosis of Bi-polar disorder or OCD, trauma, women's health issues, transition issues, or learning to "adult."



Experiencing a traumatic event, having flashbacks or constant worried thoughts of said event, paranoia, along with intense emotional and physical reactions. Trauma can be a life long crippling Mental Health issue, contact me to see your options in overcoming any traumatic event.

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Adolescence Issues

Having a hard time with schooling, the stress of going to college or joining the work force fresh out of high school?  Or managing family issues, with unhealthy coping mechanisms? If this sounds like your teen, give me a call and we can discuss further.